1. Seth Goldstein is no stranger to music start ups. He created Turntable.fm and is now back with an EDM focused music project called DJZ. When you first enter the website you are hit with with vibrant colors and cartoonish faces of the top DJs in the world. The home page is a collection of editorial, videos, DJ mixes and links to pages for those DJs. DJZ taps SoundCloud for the DJ mixes it shares with its readers and they have also created an iPhone app

  2. DJZ, a much heralded electronic dance music site, launched on Halloween as planned and it’s a beautiful thing. Ultimately rather simple with an unsurprising range of content, the design of the site sets it apart and gives it an energy to match its content. The DJZ TxT app is the big surprise but its the graphic look of the site and the fact that everything "just works" that makes it a winner in its initial incarnation.

  3. With its combination of black and bright colors, the DJZ is aimed at young, mainstream fans of EDM (electronic dance music). The home page is a collection of editorial, videos, DJ mixes and links to pages for the most popular DJs. The posts are so short they make a typical music blog seem longwinded by comparison. Goldstein says market research revealed its target market — teens and twenty-somethings — prefer short videos over text. 

  4. Electronic dance music (EDM) is all the rage with kids born after 1990 (Generation Z), and Turntable.fm founder Seth Goldstein is brining the scene online. Today he launches DJZ, a news hub website, and DJZtxt, a messaging app that turns emojis into sounds. With $1 million in funding from Kleiner Perkins, music industry folk and more, DJZ could capture the youth’s eyes and dollars, or get skipped.

  5. In an industry where content is fragmented across different blogs and social networks, DJZ is hoping to become the one-stop shop for everything electronic music. There is perhaps no better time for this, with engagement exploding and industry reports suggesting that the genre and its related festivals and shows could bring in $4 billion a year.

  6. Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) — DJz CEO Seth Goldstein discusses the change in the music of the digital age. He speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

  7. A new company, DJZ, plans to introduce an online hub that will aggregate news about electronic dance music and celebrate top D.J.’s as cultural heroes.

  8. That Seth Goldstein is aiming his new startup, the content and advertising-driven DJZ at the growing electronic dance music (EDM) scene is not a surprise. Goldstein is chairman at Turntable.fm, the DJ-minded music service that shot to fame in 2011 

  9. After a tumultuous year running one of the most-hyped music startups around, Seth Goldstein is reemerging on the startup scene with a new venture, DJZ. Last summer, Goldstein and …